كرنفال الرواد 2
في رحاب روادانا
بنر المنح الدراسية
بنر المنح الدراسية3
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Vision and Mission

Our vision

A learner who is………………… proud of his religion; belonging to his/her homeland; knowledge producer; global competitor

Our message

     To provide distinguished learning and education for everybody in line with the global approaches in the light of the educational policies of the kingdom with the participation of community in an attractive and safe learning environment that enhances skills and capabilities and enriches scientific research and encourages innovation and creativity.

Our ruling Values

Integrity , Achievement     integration ,initiation , transparency , institutional work.

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Basic CMYK
002- الهوية
003- الهوية
004- الهوية
005- الهوية
006- الهوية
Basic CMYK
Basic CMYK
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